CaringBridge Elevates Cloud Security with Cloud Computing Consultants

CaringBridge is a non-profit no cost communication platform for family caregivers and the loved ones they support on a health journey. From one page in 1997, to nearly 1 million pages 25+ years later, what has always remained is the commitment CaringBridge has to ensuring no one goes through a health journey alone.
CaringBridge was seeking cloud and DevOps experts to provide DevOps consulting services and ongoing support to supplement the CaringBridge DevOps team. In this case study, we explore how Cloud Computing Consultants (CCC) successfully addressed these obstacles with their DevOps consulting services and AWS Cloud Assessment services with a roadmap for implementation, and formed a true partnership with CaringBridge, breaking pre-conceived biases towards consulting firms.


Cloud Insights to Ensure Cloud Security and Optimization of Resources

CCC initiated its engagement with CaringBridge by conducting a comprehensive cloud assessment. The assessment encompassed infrastructure, processes, and monitoring capabilities. This assessment extended its scope to encompass supporting technologies, processes, and policies related to AWS resources, such as CI/CD Infrastructure as Code and app provisioning, all contributing to the overarching AWS cloud posture.

Following the completion of the AWS review, Cloud Computing Consultants partnered with the CaringBridge DevOps team to analyze a comprehensive risk and recommendation registrar. This detailed document outlined the impact level, likelihood, and description of each risk, accompanied by expert recommendations for remediation.


Not Your Typical Consulting Service Provider

At Cloud Computing Consultants, we transcend the ordinary consulting firm or managed service provider archetype. Our commitment to the success of CaringBridge and every client we serve goes beyond simply delivering findings and recommendations. We rolled up our sleeves and worked hand-in-hand with CaringBridge to overcome high-priority challenges.



Cloud Computing Consultants not only delivered a comprehensive assessment of the CaringBridge AWS landscape but left a lasting impression with their profound expertise and attention to detail. Our DevOps team shattered the preconceived notion of what it means to provide consulting services, forging a truly collaborative and results-driven approach. By actively listening and deeply understanding the unique challenges at CaringBridge, CCC consultants became steadfast partners in achieving their DevOps goals. The remarkable responsiveness exhibited by CCC further solidified their dedication to CaringBridge. Despite juggling multiple clients, CCC promptly addressed any CaringBridge concerns, ensuring uninterrupted support and timely resolutions.


Quote from Alik:

“CCC has been a great partner to CaringBridge over the past couple of years. They have provided their expertise to us in areas such as infrastructure security, infrastructure tooling and monitoring, and filling in any resource constraints for our DevOps group. I would highly recommend CCC to any organization looking to partner with a consultant firm with proven results”

Alik Lewis, Director, DevOps & Technical Infrastructure, CaringBridge.

Unleashing the Power of Technology: CCC’s Mission to Provide the Best Solutions

At Cloud Computing Consultants, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest and best technology in the industry. That’s why we keep a finger on the pulse of the latest developments and trends in IT, security, and software development. Our team is committed to continuous learning and development to ensure that we provide the most advanced and effective solutions to our clients.

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