Optimizing Cloud Infrastructure and Elevating Security and Compliance: A Case Study of Cloud Computing Consultants’ Impact on NorthStar Education Services


NorthStar Education Services®, LLC, an affiliate of Ascendium Education Group®, is a for profit organization on a mission to help students manage their challenging student loan situations. NorthStar does this through the Co-Pay Partners student loan paydown service with the Attigo Suite, which provides a platform for employers to make contributions to their employees’ student loan accounts as a benefit offering to retain top talent. NorthStar is a small organization consisting of a CEO, CIO, and software developer with support from Ascendium for much of their administrative and backroom support.

Being a small organization with a start-up mindset, NorthStar leadership knew they wanted to take advantage of all that cloud computing had to offer. Seeking to be a vendor in a highly regulated industry, NorthStar also needed to implement a security and compliance program to achieve SOC2 compliance. NorthStar was looking for a partner to help them navigate the cloud landscape to take advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness of the cloud. Recognizing the advantages of cloud computing, NorthStar partnered with Cloud Computing Consultants, a renowned expert in cloud technologies and solutions.


Cloud Computing Consultants Builds a Scalable and Secure Cloud Infrastructure

As a new launch product, NorthStar faced the challenge of establishing a robust and scalable infrastructure that could effectively handle its specific needs. Recognizing the advantages of cloud computing, NorthStar partnered with Cloud Computing Consultants, a renowned expert in developing and implementing cloud technologies and solutions. This approach allowed Cloud Computing Consultants to provide NorthStar with a tailored solution that precisely met NorthStar’s needs within a cloud environment.

Through close collaboration with NorthStar, Cloud Computing Consultants conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s needs, identifying key considerations such as scalability, security, and cost-efficiency. With these considerations in mind, Cloud Computing Consultants was able to design a robust infrastructure by leveraging the flexibility and wide range of services that AWS has to offer. With their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the AWS platform, Cloud Computing Consultants designed and implemented a robust infrastructure that fulfilled these requirements while providing a foundation for future growth. Its vast array of services, such as Amazon EC2 for compute power, Amazon S3 for scalable storage, Amazon RDS for managed databases, and AWS Cognito for user pool management allowed Cloud Computing Consultants to construct a comprehensive and well-rounded solution for NorthStar.


Cloud Computing Consultants Implements a Robust Security and Compliance Program

Utilizing industry best practices and their unique expertise, Cloud Computing Consultants built out a Security and Compliance program as well as created a committee responsible for gathering of the necessary information, communication, and dissemination of all aspects of the organization’s program. The Security and Compliance program covers NorthStar’s management and security framework to include NorthStar’s System Security Plan, Risk Management, Vendor Management, Incident Response, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Vulnerability Management, Change Control and Management, and Customer Complaint Tracking. Cloud Computing Consultants leveraged native AWS tools, as well as other third-party Cloud Native tools for logging, monitoring, and security scanning.

To build trust and credibility with the current and future customers and to retain a competitive advantage by demonstrating their ability to protect customer information, Cloud Computing Consultants worked with NorthStar to go through a third-party SOC 2 audit. The SOC audit reviewed everything from Information Security Policies and Risk Assessments to Application Development and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.


Cloud Computing Consultants’ expertise and collaboration with NorthStar led to a tailored solution that delivered a robust cloud infrastructure, positioning NorthStar for long-term success and growth.

The implementation of the Security and Compliance program that equipped NorthStar with the necessary tools and processes to secure their systems and protect customer information. By leveraging industry best practices, forming a dedicated committee, and utilizing a combination of native AWS tools and third-party cloud-native tools, Cloud Computing Consultants successfully established a comprehensive framework to address NorthStar security and compliance requirements. The process implemented generated an initial SOC 2 report that contained no exceptions or findings, and that success has continued with the most recent SOC 2 report for the organization.

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